Education Grants – Where to find them

Government education grants are a great way for Canadian students to help pay for their education and reduce their debt load. There are many types of government grants made available to students each and every year, with student eligibility being determined by student circumstances and location. Grants are awarded based on financial need, academic achievement, athletic ability; or other special abilities. Below are the 4 main categories of government education grants.

Canada Student Grants

This is the most widespread of all government funded education grant programs with its easy application process. Students from all provinces and territories, with exception to residents of Quebec, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories, are eligible to apply. All students have to do is submit an application to the Canada Student Grant bureau, at which point the application will be assessed and considered for all grants administered by the program. Students may be eligible to receive one or more grants on a low-income status; if the student has dependants; or if he or she has a disability. And when you apply for a Canada Student Loan, your eligibility for most Canada Student Grants will automatically be assessed.
Provincial and Territorial Grants and Bursaries

Each province and territory in Canada also offers their own student funding for permanent residents of the area. To find out what grants are available in your province or territory students please visit your province or territory’s web site for student financial assistance. A list of these websites can be found on the federal government’s web site.

Apprentice Grants

Apprenticeship Incentive Grant (AIG)

This grant provides funds to registered apprentices once they have passed their first or second year of an apprentice program in a Red Seal trade. And unlike most other grants this one is taxable.

Apprenticeship Completion Grants (ACG)

This grant is given to apprentices once they have successfully completed their apprenticeship in a Red Seal Trade. It is a $2,000 award given once the applicant finished training, is certified by a designated Red Seal trade and have an official Red Seal endorsement.

Grants for Studying Abroad

There are also grants available for students wishing to do a portion of their studies in the exterior. Funding will usually be based on academic achievement, country to be visited and subjects to be studied. Students can access information on these available grants through the Canadian Bureau for International Education, and the Government of Canada International Scholarships Program.