Scholarship Grants

Scholarship grants are popular forms of financial aid for college and university students. This money never has to be paid back and this allows students to focus on their studies instead of worrying about the accumulating debt left to face them when they graduate. On average Canadian University students graduate with $20,000 of accumulated debt in government student loans, according to a 2001 Statistics Canada study. Scholarship grants significantly reduce this number and practically all students are eligible to receive them. Gone are the days when only the exceptionally smart people have their education paid for. You can get a scholarship grant based on need, merit, and many other additional reasons that you could qualify for.

Students that come from a low-income family are eligible to receive a needs based scholarship grant. Whether your family fits into this low-income bracket, will be determined by a financial assessment carried out by the government. These grants are based solely on your finances rather than your grades.

Merit based scholarship grants, on the other hand, focus their eligibility on academic or athletic excellence which is judged both before and after the grant award has been given. Most will require students to have a minimum GPA, and they may also require them to be full time students. Students who excel in academics, athletics, debate, drama, music, community service, and many additional areas can be eligible for merit based scholarships by government and private foundations.

Then there are scholarships granted based on your geographical location such as your town or region. These scholarships tend to be less competitive as they draw from a significantly smaller applicant pool, and often have more lax requirements too. Check out your local banks, grocery stores, clubs, businesses, organizations, and churches, which are all potential sources for regional scholarships.

To get started on your search for scholarship grants you should definitely start with the Internet. The Internet search engine is a great way to conduct preliminary research and come across all sorts of grant funds small and large, that you would never have thought of otherwise. Keywords such as ‘scholarships’, ‘grants’, and ‘student financial aid’, will all generate a wealth of information. There are even specific database search engines that scan through large lists of available financial awards. Typically, when you use one of these search engines, you are asked to fill out a profile. This profile asks you questions about your funding needs and your personal characteristics. Only scholarships that match the particulars of your profile are identified as matches.

With all of the scholarship databases online, these search engines are able to comb through more than 1.5 million scholarships. The total monetary amount of these scholarships is estimated to be around $3.4 billion. When you fill out a profile for one of these search engines, you will be asked to provide your email address. This then allows the search engine to email you every time there are new scholarships available that match your profile. You can apply for many scholarship grants through the links provided by the search engine. The process could not be simpler.

You do not have to be a genius to qualify for a scholarship grant. There are many scholarships available for all types of people. So get started today and apply for as many grants as you can qualify for.