Government Grants for Practical Research

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, March 4, 2010- The Canadian Federal Government will invest billions of dollars into scientific research and productivity grants intended to stimulate the economy and, in the long-term, help to decrease Canada’s debt load.

In total, the government has increased its $4-billion in support of research and development by about $200-million, or about 5 per cent.
“These investments will help create clusters of great new jobs on the frontiers of knowledge,” said Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to the House of Commons, as reported by the Globe and Mail.

And while this money is being given to a variety of different research sectors, it is Canadian colleges and universities that are the big winners taking home half of the $32 million from the annual budget.

On top of this, the granting councils will get an additional $15 million for the year to be used for $70,000 fellowships for recent university doctoral graduates.

And community colleges are also looking forward to the $30 million of federal government funding being given for applied research efforts.
Other Canadian research sectors set to benefit from this financial boost include the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council which will receive $13 million, while social science and humanities research will receive a mere $3 million as it holds little potential for industry profit.
The federal government also set aside research funds to be implemented this coming year with $19 million dedicated to the search for new sources of medical isotopes and $68 million for the National Research Council of Canada with plans to further link business and science to spur economic growth. The Canadian Space Agency is also set to receive almost $400 million over the next five years to improve and develop satellite technologies.