Government Grants for Women’s Gains

March 11, 2010, Ottawa – The Canadian government celebrated the narrowing of the gender gap by allotting government grants to education initiatives. The government grant money is to increase the number of women in parliament and to improve the financial literacy of older women. Federal government grants in the amounts of $361, 265 and $390, 227 respectively, will help stimulate the economy to assist women in Canada.

Canadian government grants proudly support stimulation of the Canadian economy via non-repayable government grant funding from the Canadian government, allotted to business and individuals alike.

Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament, Helena Guergis urged Canadians to applaud to the achievements of women in Canada, and acknowledged that more work needs to be done to improve the status of women in Canada overall. The Canadian government will continue to take steps to tackle violence against women and enhance women’s economic security.

The government grant funding followed recent remarks about changing some of the lyrics in the Canadian national anthem, to better represent and acknowledge the female gender.

The Prime Minister’s office announced last Friday that the government decided against re-examining the lyrics, and will not be proceeding with the throne speech asking the parliamentary committee to reconsider the lyrics.

Pam McConnell, a Toronto councillor who chairs a committee in support of electing more women to office, said that the government grant support, if successful, will see more women in office, and the subject of lyrics in the Canadian national anthem will more likely be re-examined once this happens.
However, the Harper government in the House of Commons, rejected the oppositions accusations that the government contributed to letting down the status of women with weak policies from childcare to poverty alleviation.

Guergis, however, supports the decision to no longer consider changing the anthem lyrics.

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Female Members of Parliament from all 4 political parties gather in front of Parliament in a group photo to mark International Women’s Day. Photo by Wayne Cuddington, CanWest News Services