Government Grants Funding for Local Youth Employment

LÉVIS, QUEBEC, February 25, 2010 – The Government of Canada will provide government grants to fund local youth in an initiative to provide job preparation training and work experience. The support of a new employment project comes from federal government grants.

Canadian government grants provide all sorts of funding intended to improve our economy and our workforce by better preparing Canadian youth to enter the job force and be successful in their endeavours.

“It is important to provide spaces for action and experimentation that are tailored to young adults so that they can become a part of the labour force, act as citizens and improve their quality of life,” explained Mr. Richard Bégin, Director of the Centre aide et prévention jeunesse de Lévis.

The Government of Canada will grant $78, 620 in federal government grants to support The Centre aide et prévention jeunesse de Lévis (Help Centre and Youth Prevention). The federal government is working with the provinces and territories, community organizations and stakeholders to provide Canadian youth with the resources they need to become contributing and successful members of Canadian society.

The program is called Skills Link and it’s part of the Government of Canada’s strategy to create well educated and most skilled youth in the workforce.
Also through Canada’s Economic Action Plan, the federal goverment plans to provide a onet-ime grants of $15 million to the YMCA and YWCA to help place unemployed youth aged 15-30 years in community service organizations, with a focus on environmental projects.

As of the end of January 2010, more than 290 Canadian youth are participating in internships, due to federal government grants. Ninety-four per cent of these internships are environmentally focused.

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