Housing Grants Available For 2010

The housing market is quickly recovering after last year’s drastic drop. This means that buyers are being forced into higher mortgages or more economical housing to fit into their budgets. To help make adequate housing affordable to all, the government has implemented a variety of housing grant programs to meet the needs of all Canadians. Read on below to see what housing grants are available for 2010.

Housing Grants for New Immigrants

Resettlement Assistance Program

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants are admitted into Canada each and every year, many of which are refugees or protected persons. To help facilitate their process of getting settled in and set up with adequate living accommodations the Canadian government offers a Resettlement Assistance Program. Refugees or protected persons that are settling in Canada, the Canadian government will provide you with grant money that never has to be repaid. This money can be used to cover housing costs, essential clothing, and basic living expenses. The money will be provided for up to one year, or until you are settled and have a job to pay your own expenses.

Housing Grants for New Home Buyers

GST/HST New Housing Rebate

Individuals who are purchasing a brand new home that they are either constructing themselves or have purchased from a builder can qualify for a rebate on part of the GST paid on their home as long as it is to be used as their primary place of residence. The rebate reduces the GST and the federal part of the HST paid from 5% to approximately 3.5% for homes valued at $350,000 or less.

Grants for House Repairs

Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP)

This grant is for all homeowners that are considered low-income by government standards and own as well as live in substandard housing. The money granted under this program must be used to make necessary home repairs to ensure that the dwelling meets minimum government health and safety standards.

EcoENERGY Retrofit Grants

These are non-taxable grants to help homeowners make home improvements that will reduce their home’s energy consumption. To qualify, renovations, along with products used, must be listed under the eligible improvements list found on government websites. Some of the eligible improvements include replacing your home’s heating system; cooling system; ventilation system; insulation and even doors, windows, and skylights, among others.