Housing Grants for Eco Friendly Home Renovations

Are you looking to do some home improvements? Well if those plans mean a more energy-efficient home than you will likely qualify for one of the many federal housing grants directed at energy saving home renovations. As part of the Government of Canada’s Economic Action Plan, the ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes program is helping hundreds of thousands of homeowners make energy-efficiency improvements.

There are so many benefits to be had by reducing your home’s energy consumption. It will not only decrease your environmental footprint, but also lower your energy costs, and in many cases also improve your own level of comfort while at home.

What Home Renovations Qualify for Grants?

To qualify for these home renovation grants there are certain criteria that the homeowner, and renovation job, must meet. Owners of single-family homes or homes that are at least 50% permanent residential space, detached, and semi-detached homes are eligible.

If you meet all of the above criteria you are then eligible to receive your ecoENERGY grant providing the renovation is on the list of eligible improvements, as outlined by the Canadian government, and also meets specified measurements. Be sure to check with the official list before doing your home repair, as there are specific products that need to be used, and varying grant amounts depending on the specific renovation you are doing.

Eligible Improvements

Some of the home improvements eligible for a housing grant include replacements to your:

  • Heating system
  • Cooling System
  • Ventilation System
  • Domestic Hot Water Equipment
  • Ceiling, Exterior Wall, Foundation, Basement, Exposed Floor Insulation (overhangs and floors above an unheated space, excluding crawl spaces)
  • Air Sealing
  • Doors, Windows, and Skylights (heated space only)
  • Water Conservation

How Much Grant Money Will You Receive?

The amount of housing grant money that you will receive for your home renovation depends on what you are doing, as well as the product that you are installing. For example, if you are replacing your old heating system for an ENERGY STAR qualified gas furnace that has a 92.0 percent AFUE or higher and a brushless DC motor, you will receive $625. Whereas if you replace your existing space and domestic water heating equipment with an integrated mechanical system (IMS) that has an overall thermal performance factor of 0.90 or higher, you will receive $1,625. Regardless of the product you choose to install, if it is on the list there is money to be saved, so get started on your home renovations today!