Writing Grants

If you are an aspiring writer in the midst of a first book, or screenplay that has already been approved for publication, then you should definitely be pursuing a personal writing grant. Writing grants are awarded by the Canadian government, to encourage and fuel the production of original Canadian literature. It doesn’t matter what you write — novels, nonfiction, poetry, screenplays or plays there is likely a writing grant for you.

Writing Grants are awarded for:

  • Publication
  • Production of screenplays
  • Production of stage plays
  • Residencies
  • Scholarships
  • Workshops
  • Travel expenses
  • Research expenses

Read on below to find out where to get Canadian Writing Grants and which ones that you will qualify for.

Provincial Writing Grants

Each province has its own arts council that distributes public writing grants to assist professional writers and writing organizations. Applying for these provincial writing grants is a great way for writers to subsidize some of their writing costs. Grants awarded are usually upwards of $10,000 and among the other requirements will require proof that you need this public grant funding.

Below are several of the public grants available in Ontario and British Columbia. Keep in mind however, that there are likely similar public writing grants in the other provinces too.

Works in Progress Grant- (Ontario)

If you live in Ontario and are in the midst of writing a substantial piece of literature this could be the grant for you. The Ontario Arts Council grants money through this program to assist professional writers with the completion of book-length works of literary merit. The works in progress grant has 3 deadlines each year, at which time it awards $12,000 to successful applicants.

Project Assistance Grant (BC)

BC creative writers should pay attention to this grant. The Project Assistance Grant program awarded through the British Columbia Arts Council assists professional writers with the writing of specific creative projects. Awards are available for projects in the genres of drama, fiction, juvenile, non-fiction and poetry.

Touring Initiatives Grant (BC)

This grant is also administered by the BC Arts Council and supports touring professional artists and arts and cultural organizations in British Columbia. The idea is to fund the projects that will help to develop markets outside the province or to represent British Columbia at significant national or international exhibitions or events.

National Writing Grants

National writing grants are awarded and distributed through the Canadian Arts Council. The main difference between these and the provincial level ones is that the funding comes from the Canadian Arts Council and applicants are competing with other writers from all across the country, instead of just in their own province. This can often mean stiffer competition, but also, larger grant awards if you make the cut. These writing grants include, but are not limited to:

Travel Grant

These grants give writers and translators the financial ability to accept opportunities to speak or attend national or international conferences, presentations, festivals, fairs etc., where they receive awards, are keynote speakers or are promoting their work.

Creative Writing Grant

The Creative Writing grant provides support to Canadian authors working on new projects in the fields of novel, short story, poetry, children’s literature, graphic novel and literary non-fiction.