How to Find Women Grants

If you are a female looking to make a change either by furthering your education, starting your own business, or spear-heading a non-profit organization or charity you are likely eligible for a government or private women’s grant to help you with the finances needed to cover this venture. Below are 5 avenues that all women should explore in their quest for this free grant aid.

1) Join Local or National Women’s Organizations

These are an invaluable resource for liaising with other women. Your organization may even offer grants to its members, but if not the other ladies can help you locate funding agencies nearby. Below is a list of some national organizations that may have branches in your area:

  • Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies
  • Canadian Association of Midwives
  • Canadian Council of Muslim Women
  • League of Ukrainian Women in Canada
  • YWCA
  • Canadian Victorian Order of Nurses
  • National Association of Women and the Law

2) Check For Grants Offered By Your Employer

Employers are often very willing to give their employees grants if they think that the money will help them do their job better. In-house women’s grants may include those used for special equipment, supplies, services, or additional education.

3) Consult with your Local YMCA or Employment Office

These community agencies are an untapped wealth of knowledge. Workers are usually well versed in financial aid options and will be more than willing to guide you. In fact, you could probably go back in once you’ve written your grant proposal and have somebody proofread it without any additional cost.

4) Contact Corporations About Their Available Grants for Female Entrepreneurs

Contact large companies in your industry and let them know what you are trying to accomplish. These corporations will sometimes give grants or project assistance to individuals that are pursuing an education in their field of expertise, or perhaps to women doing research or selling products that could benefit their company and increase earnings.

5) Do an Online Search for Grants and Granting Agencies

The internet is a great resource with thousands of grant foundations listing their available financial aid. In fact, once you find a grant that you want to apply for, you can often do the whole application process right online. Make sure to search for regular grants, as well as those available for women only.