Put Women First

Women have once again been overlooked in traditional government grant funding for research initiatives. Monday’s federal grant research awards showed blatant sexism in the awarding of 19 grants to all male candidates, leaving many women without needed research funding. Luckily there are women grants that put females first. Stop selling yourself short, assuming that there is no money to pursue your dreams. Women grants will help you get the education you need, without having to go up against the clearly favoured male competitors.

Government women grants are free funding for female applicants only. The money awarded never has to be repaid and is awarded for a variety of different reasons including for post-secondary education, research initiatives, and even for budding female entrepreneurs looking to start their own company.

Women Education Grants

Female education grants are awarded in Canada for a number of different reasons and circumstances. If you are a single mom or a low-income female that wants to pursue post-secondary studies but simply can’t afford it, there are women grants for you.

Education grants are also awarded to women with plans to study in a traditionally male dominated career path such as math, science, and/or technology. The government is very generous in these grant awards in hopes to entice more women to take on these studies and help build a more diverse workforce. You may also consider seeking out private industry grants from companies looking to sponsor women in their field of work.

Women Grants for Research

Monday was a sad day for women researchers, whose efforts were overlooked in federal grant funding, but not all doors have closed. Female researchers can find government funding from their university department who often offer generous grants to unique and well organized research efforts with clearly defined benefits. Female researchers may also choose to search for outside industry funding, by approaching companies that can benefit from the research you are conducting.

Women Business Grants

The number of female business owners in Canada is growing, but still has a long way to go, in order to be on par with male owned businesses. The government offers a variety of financial incentives to female entrepreneurs looking to take the plunge and start their own business. You can find a list of relevant and available business grants on the Small Business Finance Centre.

Applying for Women Grants

Canadian women may also want to consider using a free grant kit to locate appropriate grants and cut down on the application time. The grant kit will list all available Canadian grants and will even walk you through the application process. This will help prevent unnecessary errors in your application that could slow down approvals. Start finding women grants today.