Types of Women Grants

Since first achieving the vote in 1929 Canadian women have come a long way in their fight for equality. But unfortunately over 80 years later many Canadian women still have lower paying jobs than their male counter parts who are in the same position. To help even out the playing field the Canadian government, alongside many private institutions, offer free women’s grants to facilitate female access to quality education and preparation for top end positions in the business world.

  • Grants are given to women in order to:
  • Pursue higher education
  • Start a new business
  • Expand or update and existing business
  • Subsidize a low income household
  • Subsidize personal or family need

Women Grants for Education

If you are Canadian female pursuing graduate studies here in Canada there are a number of grants available to you. The Canadian government refers to these graduate grants as Canada Study Grants which are part of the larger Canada Student Loans Program. Female doctoral students may qualify for up to $3,000 each year (3 year maximum) and this money never has to be paid back. But it is best to apply as early as possible as these funds are limited and thus may not be available for all applicants.

There are also many foundations that support female education. Private foundations that help women with their studies tend to be focused on female empowerment, as can be seen with the Canadian Foundation for Women’s Health. This foundation offers various grants to female students that are pursuing health studies such as the ALVA Foundation Grant in Neonatal and Newborn Health; or the Garfield Weston Foundation Award in Obesity and Reproductive Health.

The Soroptimist Foundation is another private foundation which awards up to $7,500 to qualifying female graduate students who are pursuing studies in one of their included disciplines which include legal counselling and assistance, counselling women in crisis and training for position in women’s centres.

Women Grants for Business

Financing a small business here in Canada can be extremely expensive. This often deters many female entrepreneurs from branching out and starting their own company. But women are just as capable to run successful businesses as men and should thus have equal representation in the business world. Thus, to help encourage women to pursue their business idea and increase the amount of female business owners in the country there are many foundations willing and ready to give the financial backup that they may need. Some of the foundations that cater to financing the start up of women owned companies include the Women’s Enterprise Initiative Loan Program; the Women in Business Initiative Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, and the Business Development Bank of Canada

Other Grants for Women

And grant opportunities do not stop there. If you are a woman in financial difficulty there is grant money available to help you through this tough time. It may be that you are a single mother struggling to pay bills, or perhaps you have medical costs or another personal financial emergency that have left you in a bind. Well, there are Canadian grants to help you out in these difficult times. Visit your local government office or YMCA and they can give you up to date information about which foundations can help you out in this time of need.