Women Grant Foundations

There are a variety of women’s grant foundations that provide direct women’s grant funding to individuals and/or organizations that promote female empowerment and growth in all sectors of their lives. Below are 4 women’s grant foundations that provide consistent grant funds to deserving females and foundations each and every year. Read on below to find out what causes each foundation supports and basic eligibility criteria for their grants.

Soroptimist Foundation of Canada

This foundation was established in 1958 here in Canada and works to provide educational funding for advances of human rights and the status of women. To help achieve this goal they offer an annual grant of $7,500 to 4 Canadian women graduate students who are pursuing studies thought to help improve the quality of female lives.

The Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF)

This is the only national public foundation for women and girls and helps women’s organizations of all sizes through one-year and multi-year grants. “Between 1993 and 2009, CWF distributed $8.7 million through 801 annual and multi-year violence prevention grants in every province and territory across Canada”, according to the CWF official website .The maximum one-year grant size is between $20,000 and $25,000, depending on from which Fund the grant is made. Larger, multi-year grants are made to some economic development and teen violence prevention programs.

Status of Women Canada (SWC)

This is a federal government organization that promotes women’s participation and equality in all areas of Canadian life. Part of the way it advances women’s status is through an annual grant program that administers funds to deserving Canadian women’s organizations. The Women’s Partnership Fund provides funding to projects that build partnerships between Status of Women Canada, eligible non-governmental recipients and public institutions to advance equality for women across Canada. As stated on the SWC website, “Interested applicants should be aware that because of the current number of Partnership Agreements in place, the Women’s Partnership Fund will have limited funding available for 2009-2010.”

Canadian Association of the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity

This women’s organization works to promote female involvement in sports and physical activity. It operates two grant funds that are available to individual women girls, and/or organizations.

The first grant fund is the Stacey Levitt Women and Sport Memorial Scholarship. This annual grant awards $500 to five recipients who through sports or a sports organization demonstrate enthusiasm, tremendous work ethic, and an ability to inspire others and act as role models for others in their communities.

The second group of grants is distributed through the Wise Fund. To be eligible for these grants you must be a coach, official or sport administrator who can demonstrate their organizations need for funds. 12 successful applicants will receive $900 to be used help fund sport initiatives and/or assist members of the sport community in Canada.